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Wasted Warm Baths

Warmbaths Wastewater

Here in 'die bosveld', Bela Bela to be precise, we are quite unique. We have the famous warmbaths, and game lodges throughout the region, and a great climate which attracts vast tourists, and investors. With Christmas, Easter, and long weekends, the local community flourishes.  The area is called the Waterberg, since water comes out the mountain. It is rated as the bosvelt tourist mecca. But. . . .

. . . under the surface, it has become a cesspit. Untreated sewage leaks out from just about every pipe. The sewage treatment works (an oxymoron) just doesn't - work. There is often only one staff member, and he is the lone security guard at the gate. What wastewater comes in, leaves in the same condition. RAW.

However, some of the sewage does not even get to the (non)-works. There is a municipal pump station on the Aventura estate, that receives all the water from Bela Bela hospital - a public medical facility in absolutely filthy condition (last checked 2 years ago). Aventura's pumps discharge all this foul and toxic waste across the main R101 (the old Pretoria road), directly into the road's drainage ditch . . .  for nearly 2 kilometers. And this has remained unchecked for more than 18 months.

Bela Bela Dump truck

 Contractors and private companies are not innocent either. Honey sucker owners are discharging their ugly waste at any place that's convenient.  It's wasted anywhere.

Hospital wastewater is particularly nasty stuff, and can only be successfully treated when diluted with domestic sewage. This chemical / biological cocktail type of wastewater contains cholera, typhoid, blood, skin, bone fragments, brain tissue, body parts, syringes, swabs, medicine, disinfectants, foetus's, and x-ray chemicals. Reports confirm that Covid 19 is also present in sewage, and will certainly be in the 101 ditch.  And nothing is being done about it. We also have hospital waste material on our streets, including used drips, syringes and swabs. 

 Bela medical waste


The holiday town is now frequently without water and electricity. The pavements are broken, traffic lights don't work, and there is that constant stench of raw "humanage". The roads are crumbling with potholes you could loose your wheel in, or even your pet (although plants have been suggested as suitable "pot-fillers"). Stray animals, including dogs, cats, donkeys, goats and cattle aimlessly roam the streets, and the flies - hundreds and thousands of them - all apparently without owners.

And so, to the many tourists and visitors who flock here year after year, who supplement our incomes during the festive feasts, we just want you to know that we know you see this, because we all see it. Everyone sees it, yet no-one says it. The people don't. Council doesn't. Law enforcement doesn't.

So, I am !

"Bela Bela is a destination of your choice"

Waterberg or Wasteberg?

Report brought to you by Scarab - Wastewater treatment systems

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